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Whether you need it for short or long term, we offer storage according to your needs.  So whatever you’re spring cleaning, need more space, home from college, in between apartments, you can count on Easy Expert Movers to take care of your belongings as though they were our own – with the utmost care.

Easy Expert Movers moving professionals will conduct a complete inventory of your belongings, they will be itemized and labeled prior to loading then in. This process will ensure the safekeeping of belongings while in storage or in transit.
Easy Expert Movers storage pricing is determined by the space required to safely store your belongings. We offer a variety of spaces for you to choose from.


Secure and easy-to-reach storage

You may access your storage lot by making an appointment with our storage personnel who will fulfill any handling needs or requests.
While your belongings are in storage, it is possible to add to or take away from your storage lot.  A Complete inventory is created upon arrival of belongings to the storage facility. This is done to ensure that you are protected and your belongings are accounted for. The inventory list will also include the current condition of all items.
Because a detailed inventory is completed at the time of pick up, it is not necessary for you, our customer, to be in person at the storage facility with your belongings.

Easy Expert Moving Service

Once you are ready to move all or part of your belongings to your new location, our agents will at your service to develop the most appropriate moving plan to meet your needs.